In the first of Reviews blog articles, I will be reviewing Singapore based app Lompang. The service currently runs only in Singapore, although the App creator says it will be soon in Yangon and Phnom Penh. When I signed up (in Australia) the owner was kind enough to drop me an email and say it would be tough to get a ride in Oz, but if I did swing by Singapore I should give it a try. The User Experience and Design looks to be by far the best compared to most of the other ride share apps out there, with a very modern feel – although the logo implies the service is still in Beta.

“Two Wheels, One Destination Hitch a ride and make new friends!”

The service is targeted specifically at people that want to ride on scooters, using an App to take car of the payment and search and acquire transport.

From the Lompang website..

WHAT IF WE COULD. What if we could move all those individuals frustrated in taxi lines and squished in the back of a train into a ride, with a friend?
We believe we can with just 4 simple steps.

Take the Guesswork Out: What if a commuter could see where these student scooters were in real time before even placing a request?

Build Trust with Peer Reviews: What if a commuter could see each scooter’s individual ratings, past reviews and even a snapshot of the driver and his ride?

Make the fee invisible: What if payments could be so seamless that commuters walk away feeling that they’ve just received a ride from a friend and not for a fee?

Make it social: What if there were regular events where passengers and riders could get together? Wouldn’t it be great if the next time you request a ride, it’s with someone you’ve already shared a joke or 2 and a coffee with?

More info here