Introducing Hitch-A-Ride App, a revolutionary concept for ride sharing. “Social Ridesharing” connect to your friends and Hitch A Ride, save on fuel, earn money and connect with your friends along the way. Connect with your existing friends on Facebook and choose to carpool with people you know and trust.

Using our location aware feature we can connect you with someone you want to “Hitch a Ride” with. We keep all your information private, and you don’t share any personal information you don’t want to.

Using the “Hitch A Ride” app, you can choose to ride with just friends, but if you want to meet new people you can do that as well – it’s entirely up to you. The ability to schedule jobs you can earn money to cover travel costs and organize your route. Connect and chat instantly to organize a ride with your friends, negotiate the cost and set pickup and destination points.
Free to use and no credit card required! Save money on fuel costs and ride safely with people you trust using Hitch A Ride.