Preemptive question: What explains the explosion in “what explains the explosion” questions? But seriously, why are there so many new options for apps that offer ride services?

1. San Francisco’s taxi system sucks. And engineers tend to want to solve their own problems.

2. Car ownership in urban areas is on the decline. You could say this is cultural aversion to driving, frugality, closer to home workplaces, or a triumph of public transit(yeah right).

3. The ‘app’ paradigm offers a way to build transport utilities. There was always the option to use craigslist, but now you can build barriers around your marketplace and make sure people use your app.

4. Open social graphs make it possible to quickly build trust with others (i.e. you can stalk people online to make sure they’re not totally insane)

5. It’s cool

Answer from Patrick Keenan
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