Are Ride share services legal?

An informative answer from Quora. The PEER-TO-PEER TAXI SERVICES (as opposed to genuine ridesharing services) are, as of this moment, illegal. When drivers start using their privately insured vehicles for commercial purposes, this insurance becomes invalidated and so neither the driver nor the passenger are covered.Lyft and Sidecar try to get around this by describing passenger payments for these commercially offered rides as ‘donations’ – even though drivers of these services are most often working at least half-time. The other potential for illegality is the mistake many drivers make by not considering their Lyft/Sidecar incomes to be taxable. They absolutely are. Only when the costs are ridesharing costs ($0.565/mile or less) can they be viewed as non-commercial. We’ve heard that Lyft will issue drivers with 1099’s, which is the appropriate thing to do, so they can report this commercial income on their taxes. Rob Power

What are the top carpooling & ridesharing websites?

The top carpooling a rideshare services and websites depend on where you live. A “top” ridesharing and carpooling service really depends on which country you’re looking into as not all rideshare companies exist across the world. Also, not every rideshare service may have enough critical mass to be viable enough to assist you with your carpooling/ridesharing needs. And last, but not least, it’s very important that you find drivers or passengers that you trust and are comfortable driving with – Jason Yun   A breakdown by country. USA: ZimRide, Europe: New Zealand Germany:, France: World: | Brazil: Zazcar – Seu carro por hora – Para Você India: Cabshare- Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Rideshare Let’s Ride, Pune (carpooladda),

What explains the explosion in ride-sharing & taxi-replacement entrepreneurial activity?

Preemptive question: What explains the explosion in “what explains the explosion” questions? But seriously, why are there so many new options for apps that offer ride services? 1. San Francisco’s taxi system sucks. And engineers tend to want to solve their own problems. 2. Car ownership in urban areas is on the decline. You could say this is cultural aversion to driving, frugality, closer to home workplaces, or a triumph of public transit(yeah right). 3. The ‘app’ paradigm offers a way to build transport utilities. There was always the option to use craigslist, but now you can build barriers around your marketplace and make sure people use your app. 4. Open social graphs make it possible to quickly build trust with others (i.e. you can stalk people online to make sure they’re not totally insane) 5. It’s cool Answer from Patrick Keenan Article Reference

The Ride Share Revolution

No matter what side of the debate you’re on, there’s no denying that ridesharing has thrown the taxi industry into turmoil. Proponents tout ridesharing as an effective way to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emission, as well as to save money on gas and car maintenance. Opponents claim that ridesharing apps are nothing more than unregulated cab companies and are undercutting regulated taxi rates and undermining regulations. Companies providing ridesharing services like Sidecar, Lyft and UberX Rideshare offer applications for mobile devices that enable people to go online and book these services. Consumers use the apps to request rides from private passenger vehicles driven by people who do not have commercial drivers’ licenses. The apps then use GPS technology to let the drivers know the locations of the passengers. Additionally, using proprietary metrics rideshare apps present passengers with suggested fares based on what other people have paid for similar rides…Keep Reading

Tired of overcrowded transport? Sick of waiting in Taxi lines?

Using the Hitch-A-Ride app, you could see where you friends are going and choose to “hitch a ride” in Real Time. Use established social contacts from Facebook to build up trust – we only allow people that login via legitimate Facebook accounts. For added peace of mind travel with an existing Facebook Friend, or choose to travel with a Friend of Friend. Negotiate a contribution before locking in the job, use a person’s contribution to cover fuel costs and travel expenses – a win-win for both parties. Theres also the social aspect, car pool with co-workers, share with other music lovers going to the same festival, meet new people along the way. Hitch A Ride – A Revolution in Ride Sharing. App for iOS (Android coming soon)