Advantages of our Ride Sharing App

SAVE MONEY Cut your fuel bill, save parking fees and other car expenses. REDUCE EMISSIONS Reduce your ecological footprint. SAVE TIME Hit the high speed lanes, work on the road. FRIENDLY Use your network to ride with your friends and people you’ll appreciate. WE LET YOU FIND COMMUTING BUDDIES, SIMPLY. Thousands of commuters can use Hitch A Ride to find and connect with drivers and passengers who share a similar daily itinerary. NEIGHBOURHOOD We will find the most practical matches for ridesharing, based on your itinerary. Check out who would like to carpool in your area, or find drivers who could pick you up on their way to work. CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDS We use Facebook to highlight people who are connected to your network via common friends and share your interests. That keeps things fun, friendly and secure. COMMUTE WITH COWORKERS Carpooling with your coworkers is easy to coordinate:…Keep Reading

What makes us different?

SOCIAL RIDESHARING We aim to build a “Social Ridesharing” platform, unlike the current app models on the market (that aim to build a taxi like service). FREEMIUM MODEL We will allow users to download and use our app for free initially, to help the app reach the critical mass faster and increase the viral marketing effect. The Path-To-Revenue is aimed at Enterprise and Pro users once we have significant traction and/or marketplace adoption. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED Unlike other services such as Uber, Lyft and Sidecar we won’t force you to use to enter your credit card details. COMPLETELY LEGAL… We don’t promote a driver focused revenue raising model like Uber – which has recently have proven to be a legal grey area in certain states and territories. Our service falls under the guidelines of riding with a friend or carpool. From the NSW Passenger Transport Act: “However, these laws…Keep Reading

Coming Soon… The Hitch A Ride App

Fuel prices are on the up, so it’s no surprise that car ownership is declining Introducing the Hitch a Ride app! The social ride-sharing app that helps you save on fuel and connect with friends Hitch a Ride links up to your social networks so you can easily invite others to join! Get a last minute lift with the real-time GPS technology… …or, offer your mates a lift to shave a few dollars off your journey Carpool with people that you know and trust…With the opportunity to meet new people. Organize your journey with a fun and easy to use chat function! Save drivers and hitchers that you had fun with! And get real time updates so you never miss out! With the Hitch a Ride app, getting around has never been easier! Download Free today!

Hitching a ride this summer? There’s an app for that

With car ownership on the decline, transportation experts say there are more ways than ever for student riders and drivers to connect and carpool using real-time technology. “The new idea of using technology as an assist to transportation does two things,” transportation scholar Alan Pisarski says. “It organizes things better and provides some resolution for safety concerns. A phone is a tremendous tool for vetting other people through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.” Transportation driven by social media is the new phase of hitchhiking, according to Pisarski. While the development of the interstate highways and negative media campaigns contributed to the decline of hitchhiking over the past 30 years, it appears to be on the rebound. Article link

How Carpooling Apps Could Guarantee You a Ride

Social media and smartphone technology create new ways of carpooling. Traditional pre-arranged carpooling can be replaced by ride-sharing apps to easily set up ride-sharing opportunities. But with this technology in place, why can’t these apps guarantee users a ride? Assistant Professor Niels Agatz reveals how ride-sharing apps need to change to possibly assure rides and what our win could be. Read the entire RSM Insight article on Niels Agatz’s research below. Article Link