Social Ridesharing Looks to Avoid Legal Issues

Citation: John Gartner — May 13, 2015 Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft have grown quickly despite resistance from some local governments over their legality of operation. To avoid the legal morass, new services, such as BlueNet-Ride, are leveraging social networks and avoiding directly competing with taxi and limousine services. BlueNet-Ride Based in Taipei, Taiwan, BlueNet-Ride uses Facebook to connect people interested in attending events. Attendees can carpool or group together to rent a taxi as a means of reducing the cost and emissions of traveling to concerts, sporting, or other events. Created by National Taipei University of Technology Associate Professor of Electronic Engineering Shih-Chia Huang and his students, the service connects Facebook users with friends or friends of friends as a safer alternative to traveling with unknown drivers. Searching for Riders and Drivers During an interview in Shenzhen, China, Huang said the backend to the mobile application is…Keep Reading