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Our homepage mimics the feeds of some of your favourite social networks so it’s really easy to use – but is dedicated to getting around with the most recent information, requests and options at the top of the screen.

Save Money

Taking a passenger along for the ride and splitting the costs can help reduce the amount of money you have to pay for tolls, petrol and parking. Do you know exactly where all your friends go on a regular basis? Your routes and schedules might be closer than you think.

Work Out Your Own Payment Terms

Negotiations are done directly between driver and passenger so whether you want to charge a flat rate for a ride or get them to shout you your daily cappuccino, you can.

Connect With Friends (and their friends)

Hitch A Ride lets you see where your Facebook friends are traveling and go along for the ride – you can even extend your network to include friends of friends too.

Commute With Co-workers

Setting up a work group on Hitch A Ride makes it easy for colleagues to see who lives nearby and discuss carpooling options. You all share the same destination, so why not share some of the costs of getting there too?

Use Once Or Every Day

Whether you need to organise an alternative while your car is at the mechanics or are looking for a regular way to reduce travel and transport costs (and times), Hitch A Ride will get you where you need to go.

Reach Hard To Get To Places Affordably

Not everyone can get public transport to work – whether the suburb is hard to get to or your schedule just clashes with the bus or train timetable, often driving is the only option. Hitch A Ride can help you find someone who’s also headed in that direction at that time to take the cost and hassle out of your regular commute

Save Time & The Environment

Public transport might be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce transit costs, but between waiting for the bus or train to arrive and the journey itself, it takes a long time. Ride sharing means less cars on the road and less waiting around – you might even get to use the carpooling lanes on the freeway to save you even more time.



You’ve probably noticed some new ways to get around – services like Uber and Lyft have shaken up the transport industry and provided a viable, people driven alternative to the taxi network. While we think these initiatives are great, they still don’t quite fill that gap in the social rideshare market like we do. They still follow that model of booking a car to take you from point a to point b for a fixed (and forced) fee. Hitch A Ride is a true social ridesharing application.

Unique Advantages

Choose Your Currency
What kind of taxi lets you pay for your ride with a homemade lasagne, six pack of beer or by mowing your friend’s lawn on the weekend? We do. Our payment options are negotiated direct between drivers and passengers which gives you the flexibility to split a tank of fuel, have parking fees covered or work out a barter system that suits you both. Of course you can still exchange cash if you like – but you determine how much you’re paid, when and how you get your money and you don’t even have to give us a cut of your profits.

No More ‘Call For Help’ Facebook Statuses
There’s nothing wrong with asking for help from your friends, but putting a blind call out to everyone you know doesn’t always get results when you need it. Put out your request straight into the Hitch A Ride app and instantly connect with people looking to reduce the cost of their commute or who are heading in the same direction as you.

No More Getting in Cars with Strangers
The people driving you around are your Facebook friends or friends of friends within your own social networks. You get to communicate directly with the person you’ll be sharing a car with before they pull up for even more peace of mind. Notifications along the way let you know when they’ve left and how long they’ll take to reach you.

No Grey Areas
While the legalities of some of the ‘taxi alternative’ apps have been under scrutiny in recent times, under Australian state and territory transport regulations, ‘hitching a ride’ by carpooling and sharing transit expenses with your friends is legal.

What’s Next

We think our app is great now, what we’ve got in the pipeline will make it even better.

Recommending Lifts, Not Prices

Most of the algorithms around today are based on making maximum profits for the company or social network. Not ours – we’re working on a way for the app to study your movements and recommend lifts and users for you without you even needing to ask.

Digital Payments

Soon you’ll be have the option to process payments automatically using Bitcoin, Snapcash or regular money.

Group Your Contacts

Users will be able to make and join groups of people who need to go to the same place – think students who all attend the same campus, or city office workers who are all on the same block. This will make it even easier to connect with people travelling to the same place you are.

Social Sharing

We’ll be integrating Hitch-A-Ride with your favourite social networks to give you the chance to let people know where you’re going and how to join you.

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